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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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front of the statehouse with this bill may have some traction. able take some work before it comes to a vote. time may not be on inside. >> if lawmakers can agree the speed limit on rural roads like this one near ankeny could jump 5 or 10 miles and hour. the issue is one representative gary worthan says is driven by listening, it comes from the people who drive the roads everyday a lot of people who travel quite a bit all the states around us pretty well have at least 60 on 2 lane roads, two versions of the bill passed a house subcommittee. one to raise the speed limit on rural roads to 60 miles and hour the other to raise the limit to 65 miles an hour. >> i would say at this point in time the proposal for 60 has a little bit more power behind it. reporter: nothing is written into law at this point. there is work to be done patrick hoye, bureau chief of the traffic safety bureau says questions need to be answered first. are the roads safe enough to
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does crash data tell you on those roads,the roadway geometrics will they allow for an increase in speed limits. hoye says it is not for him to advocate on what is better a five mile an hour increase,a $10 mile an hour increase or the two lane rural road speed limit staying at 55 miles and hour. he says when all is said and done public safety is tasked to enforce the law and that is what they will do. >> whatever the legislature after they have done their investigation whatever they deem appropriate obviously law enforcement will enforcement any law they pass through. reporter: the dot tells us it has concerns because research shows fatalities and the severity of crashes go up with an increase in speed. next week is the first funnel week so if this bill does not get out of committee by friday the 19th it will not move forward this session. steve: iowa lawmakers are also looking changes to keep those
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we told you 2-years ago about a little known state law that made it a offense to have a frame that covered any writing on the plate. the bill, if passed, would allow the frames as long as they don't cover the license plate number, or the validation sticker. stacey: it's down to the wire in new hampshire for the first in the nation primaries. most polls are now closed, some are still open right now. and our chief political reporter cynthia fodor is there live. reporter: they're very first johnson from the new hampshire primary starting to trickle in already. some polls starting to close. it seems more folks here in new hampshire take their civic duty more seriously than those in iowa as a much larger percentage of the population gets out to vote. it's a tradition to start casting ballots at midnight in dixville notch near the canadian
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>> and the rocket's red glare reporter: after the sun came up, voters started showing up. >> i decided this morning. reporter: nearly half making up their minds at the last minute, like so many iowans. >> i had severl in mind, made up my mind this morning i listened to iowa but it didn't make a diffference. reporter: and you'd think you were in iowa when a lost pig shows up at a polling site. and this unusual site at another. >> who we are a big supporter of local farms. reporter: the democrats, it would take a major upset in the nation primary is quick like primary elections in iowa. a simple secret ballot except independents who make up 40% of the electorate here may walk in and vote either party. >> i voted hillary clinton. >> donald trump >> jeb bush. >> kasich. >> we voted for basic. >> y?
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reporter: about half the state's population turns out for the primary and they're expected to break a record today. look at this backup more than a mile long into a polling place. >> just about every eligible voter in nh is registered to cast a ballot so phenomenal turnout. [no audio] reporter: the outsiders donald trump and bernie sanders are at the top of polls here but the vote tonight could reshape the field with ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush all vying for second place. we'll be back here with results tonight at 10.
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in the republican primary, with 1% of precincts reporting, ted cruz has 24%, case it, 24 percent, trump, 20 4%, 8%. nothing the democrats here, bernie sanders, 61 percent, hillary clinton, 32%, again, 1% reporting. steve: a des moines man dies in an overnight house fire after refusing to come out of his burning home. kcci's kim st. onge is live. in the 2500 block of 59th street to explain why firefighters had to wait to put out the blaze. reporter: firefighters were forced to wait 10 minutes before putting out the fire at this home, which you can see has since been boarded up, after the homeowner claimed to have a gun and threatened officials. des moines police spent several minutes trying to convince 48-year-old neil johnston to come out of his home. authorities were originally called there after neighbors complained of johnston yelling
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around midnight. he refused to come out of his home even threatened to have a gun. officers busted through the windows after the home burst into flames but had to back off because of heavy smoke. firefighters were finally able to put out the flames after officers decided it was safe. johnston was already dead inside. >> 'when you add the added situation of somebody that had made verbal threats of wanting to harm others, that is outside of our scope. reporter: no one else lived in the home. by the way, johnston was just released from the polk county jail 2 weeks ago after being charged with assault. live in des moines, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: still no word on the cause of a deadly house fire in knoxville. firefighters found 77-year-old patricia henning in the burning home yesterday. she died later at a knoxville hospital. her husband, 79-year-old ronald
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treated in the burn unit at the university of iowa hospitals. steve: interstate 35 reopened this morning. the iowa state patrol closed it yesterday, from ames to clear lake, because of blowing snow. the blizzard-like conditions monday blew some cars and trucks right off the road. the iowa state patrol says it received 141 calls for help during the blizzard along the closed stretch of i-35. the calls included 29 accidents with 7 injuries. the tow bans have now been lifted as well. where i-35 and highway 20 meet was a huge problem area yesterday. 40 to 50 vehicles were backed up for hours after multiple crashes sent cars in the ditches. our vanessa peng is live in ames to show us the big dig out. reporter: steve, it was a busy day for tow truck companies all over northern iowa.
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hasn't been home in 48 hours. the strong winds haven't given up and neither have tow truck companies. >> we haven't been home for 48 hours we've been out in the trucks moving all night. reporter: tony's tire service worked to free two semi trucks on top of each other near blairsburg on highway 20. the trucks were left in the blizzard all night because of a tow ban. >> the snow has blown in underneath the truck and trailer so therefore it gets hard and it just makes it twice as hard to pull and when they go into the ditch their brakes are warm then they freeze up so the tires and wheels are locked up. reporter: up and down highway 20 stranded cars. >> in the median in the ditch normally even in a hard snow storm we don't get this. reporter: off of i-35 at the boondocks exit. the iowa dot put this serious snowblower to work. working to free a semi truck stuck in snow that drifted on top of it. >> one of the sargeants i talked to up here said this is the worst visibility wise he's seen in 18 years. it's the worse i've seen in a
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reporter: iowa state patrol says before they opened i-35 this morning it was a mess because all the rest stop parking lots were full of snow and cars were trapped. live in ames, vanessa peng, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: curtis i wish that wind had blown the cold air out of here. kurtis: wind still 10-20 miles an hour. they will settle down the we do have a below zero wind chill. wind chill at one in the metro so it is going to be a cold night. temperatures in the teens, dropping into the single digits. wind chill six degrees below zero.
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by the afternoon, light snow with a high of 19 degrees. the average high, 34. it is going to take a while but we have a warm-up on the way. temperatures in the 20's on thursday and friday. near 30 on sunday. 40's next week. steve: also in ames. iowa state university police came upon this accident this morning on the northside of campus. the driver of the black car, confused the car's brake for the gas pedal, and shot right up on top of another parked car. nobody was hurt. but it took 2 tow trucks to get the black car back down. isu police say it's a good lesson in see something-say something. when they arrived on the scene police saw multiple people taking pictures of the crash with their cell phones. but no one called the police. stacey: a former cy-ride driver appears in court next monday on charges he left the scene of a fatal accident. 23-year-old benjamin clague also
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a traffic signal. he will be formally charged and then enter a plea. ames police say clague struck and killed 18-year-old emmalee jacobs on december 14. steve: the push to revamp iowa's medical cannabis law will get a jump start tomorrow. representative peter cownie, a republican from west des moines, is introducing a new bill, that would allow medical cannabis oil to be made and distributed in the state. it would also expand the medical conditions that would be eligible for cannabis oil. currently only patients with a severe form epilepsy can legally possess it. >> in terms of individual legislators and their support, i have anecdotal evidence on both sides of the aisle that we have supporters. steve: cownie says he hopes to move the bill out of his committee by the end of next week. stacey: the hawkeyes are two weeks away from a crucial matchup. steve: and, a new organic grocery springs up, where an old dahl's grocery store used to
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competing. >> this is iowa's news leader,
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steve: natural grocers, a denver-based organic and natural food store, that has been around for more than 60-years, is now opening its first store in iowa. stacey: its located in the parking lot of the old dahl's on 86th and hickman. kcci's emmy victor shows us its just the latest organic grocery store opening in the metro. >> it's now right here, around the corner. reporter: health-crazed customers stocking up on the hot bargains. >> it's granola and it was so delicious. reporter: every item inside the new natural grocers in clive is organic or natural. selling a mixture of nationally known brands and locally grown products. >> we are a small company of two people out of fort madison. reporter: curious minds filtering inside to discover organic produce and nonconventional body products. >> we refrigerate our nuts, just to keep them oils preserved.
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like whole foods have been in central iowa for the past few years. fresh market just opened up a few months ago. so how will customers decide where they will shop. >> the prices seemed decent when i was walking through. check it out, see if they have different stuff. reporter: higher quality products, affordable costs and even accessibility can be a deal breaker. >> it's closer to my work, which is obviously a plus. reporter: area rookie natural grocers is ready accept the challenge. >> anyone that is selling groceries is going to be a competitor in some way. we are trying to educate the consumer to live a healthier lifestyle. reporter: in clive, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. steve: natural grocers customers are required to bring their own grocery bags, purchase one for 99 cents, or use free boxes
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stacey: it is going to be cold. kurtis: bundle up. still some wind quite in done overnight the plenty of cold air. 17 degrees. one above, northwest wind gusting to the 20's. beautiful shots coming into our u-local page. wind up in the 90's. temperatures 13 tomorrow morning wind chill anywhere from 5-15 degrees below zero. temperature at five with only a warm-up to 19 tomorrow. typical eyes of 34 degrees. clouds have moved out. beautiful sunshine in western iowa state in the clouds and there is some fast-moving systems to the northwest that are going to move here on and
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the big story is the big wants to our west, near 50 in north platte. southwest, 67 tomorrow in dutch city. arctic air is 13 green bay -- the highest lighting by to the north -- this system slides -- it looks like snow will start to pick up even here in the metro as we head into the early afternoon. so futurecast. clouds increase overnight. here comes up and of snow midmorning west of des moines then moving in early in the afternoon should around through the evening hours in the system drops out looks like the clouds will hang around a bit although i think we see some sunshine on thursday now not a lot of moisture with this assistant -- it is fast-moving -- central iowa should be less than an inch up toward for dodge maybe in inch or snow through harland over toward council bluffs and
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the big difference with this snow? noted tremendous amount of land or tonight, five, wind chill five-15 below. cornice readings to the northeast. northwest wind finally got a five: 15. are -- this would be nice -- only 3-8 miles an hour. its numbers and during the afternoon, less than one to des moines, 19 degrees for a high, as we slide into thursday, temperatures 22 friday, from 25 -- now, another system -- this one has even less moisture so if they just mainly flurries do want to point out on saturday wind chill below zero especially early on. sunday, 30, another pretty good
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plus get $300 back. [ echoing ] just sayin'. >> fran mccaffery's team plays indiana in bloomington on thursday. which is a place they should feel plenty comfortable. thanks to too many teams for a round-robin schedule. and a scheduling quirk in the computers. thursday will mark the 4th straight time these two teams have played in indiana. >> it's a lot of fun.
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the arena is different. everything is on top of you. a sweet atmosphere. >> it was great to have the experience at that environment and be successful. that is a good thing. this game will be a lot different. >> four and five in his hawkeye career against the hoosiers. live on espn. its never easy to win games on the road in the big 12. that's what has been so impressive about iowa state this season. the clones have big wins on the road against ranked cincinnati, k state, and osu. so leaving the friendly confines of hilton coliseum and heading down to texas doesnt seem to rattle this group. >> i don't think you take for granted any wins on the road. i think just being on the roads sometimes you can get away from things, your focus level a little bit and that is how it is going to be for us. other. he don't have the support out
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secret have to play the team and we are trying to take a mindset into most of our road games is herein released and together as a team, play together, played some of our better games this season on the road. >> they play a texas tomorrow night, game at 8:00 on espn year. volleyball tonight, drake hosting wichita state. tip time at 7:00. iowa energy always has plenty of buzz in the double when you want to lock it up and not she just invite 5000 kids that come screaming their heads off. energy can stay at the well is the energy hosted westchester in this one, second half, and jones pulling up and hitting the jumper. james ennis just blows by his defender all the way to the rack. iowa wins in front of the pact house, 93-85 the final.
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virginia playing tonight at lawrence against kansas state.
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kurtis: light snow tomorrow afternoon.
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